About Us

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Blue Orange International

Blue Orange International was created in 2005 in order to enhance the Blue Orange brand worldwide. We are based in France and distribute our brand in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Being a company associated with creating high quality games, exquisitely designed for maximum fun, we are always seeking for new games which will last through generations and create memorable, fun moments.
All our games are designed to be easy to learn and to exercise the brain and build important skills. At Blue Orange Games, we treasure the feeling that comes from sharing good times with friends and family around a great game.

Respect for the environment is a priority and we are committed to planting two trees for each one used to create our wooden games. In partnership with humanitarian associations Blue Orange offers games to disadvantaged people and children living all around the world.

We hope you will have as much fun playing these games as we had developing them!

Safety & Quality

At Blue Orange Games, we manufacture our games with safety in mind first. Our concepts and designs begin in France. Produced in the Far East, we spend the time and investment it takes to make quality games, respecting the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD). Along with wood, tin and recyclable materials, we use a non-petroleum based urea for most of our game components. Only non-toxic coatings and mostly water-based paints are used in the creation of our games.

We certify that our products are safety tested by independent certified testing labs and pass or overcome EU Toy Safety Standards and REACH including lead and phthalates.

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