Blue Orange News #2 – Of Dungeons and Lagoons

The 2nd episode of Blue Orange News is coming today! This month we’re talking about brains, squared head, lagoon, loto-fort, Essen and pre-production!

To watch the September episode, it’s this way! (5:39 min)

Brain Connect: Remember that game? In Brain Connect, each player takes a puzzle in hand that represents his brain and the fastest to reproduce the Action Card circuit, and thus connect the neurons, wins the round. After 10 wins, you win the “self-control” challenge! A game by Roberto Fraga, illustrated by Stéphane Escapa, for 1 to 4 players from 7 years old

Brain Connect gameplay
Cubeez components

Cubeez: An eye here, a smile there. Quickly! Quickly! Handle your special dice and find the right elements to form the face drawn on the objective card! A TREO game, illustrated by Stéphane Escapa. From 6 years old, for 2 to 4 players.

Once Upon A Castle: It is by drawing that players will build their ideal castle. Majestic towers, thick and well-decorated walls and a comfortable dungeon for passing guests. Whoever knows best how to exploit the region’s resources will design the most beautiful castle in the kingdom. A game by Corentin Lebrat & Ludovic Maublanc, illustrated by Sylvain Aublin. From 6 years old, for two to 4 players.

Once Upon A Castle gameplay
Blue Lagoon gameplay

Blue Lagoon: With the help of your whole tribe, conquer the different islands of the archipelago, collect their precious resources and build your camps wisely to enter the legend of the most prestigious tribes of the archipelago!

Blue Lagoon is a game of placement, blocking and collection that is played in two phases (the exploration phase followed by the colonization phase). The 6 different ways to score victory points will allow everyone to choose their strategy to win! A game by Reiner Knizia, illustrated by Tomek Larek. From 8 years old for 2 to 4 players.

Winners of the month

Following the video of the previous month we had three winners, one on Facebook, one on Twitter and one on Facebook! Try your luck too, by commenting under the Blue Orange News #2 publication, on one of the above-mentioned networks, and win one of the above games!

News of the month

They arrived hot, fresh, pre-production copies for the year 2019! They will be used by our sales representatives for presentations to our partners in Essen!

Event of the Month

Well, Essen! Blue Orange will of course be present at the big board game fair with a 250M2 stand, almost twice as big as last year! Meet us at 3M107!

Employee of the month

Employee of the month is Steve! Store advisor and event manager for 3 years!


See you soon in November with Planet, Scarabya and 3 new Makaka comics!