Gobblers Family Mix

A hide-and-seek with the russian doll Gobblers

The Gobblers family organises their traditional hide-and-seek party! The mums hide the teenagers and the teenagers hide the babies! You will need to rely on memory and observation to help you find them. Flip a card and be the first to deduct the missing Gobblers and to find it!

Beware of the Great-Aunt and Great-Uncle who are the king and queen of troubles…

CATEGORY: Kids games
DESIGNER: Jürgen Heel
CONTENTS: 4 Big Gobblers (3 Mums and 1 Great-Aunt (purple), 3 Middle sized Gobblers (Teenagers), 3 Small Gobblers (Babies), 42 “Wanted Poster” cards
SKILLS: Memory, Processing speed, Problem solving

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