The second quarter releases right from the Orange Tree

Princess Legend

Designer: Kuraki Mura
Illustrator: Etienne Hebinger
Family games
8+ / 20 min / 3 to 8 players

The Prince is looking for his Princess, but all the characters of the Court keep their identity secret and do not necessarily count on helping her. Take turns playing the Prince and investigate judiciously to disentangle the true from the false among the answers of your opponents … unless they are your allies?

Pool Party

Designers: B. Ross, G. Strauss, I. Strauss
Family games
6+ / 10 min / 2 to 4 players

Summer is here, it’s hot, and the pool is calling your name. You decide to join in on the canon ball contest…but watch out! Too many swimmers and this wacky pool can easily spill over, tossing you and everyone else out. Make big splashes by propelling your teammates into the unsteady pool, and be the first to successfully land 3 divers in to win.


Designer: Thierry Denoual
Kids games
5+ / 5-15 min / 1 player

Boxer wants to say hello to his friends before returning to his house. Help him find them! Connect the tiles in a grid of 3×3 or 4×4, to match the color pattern on the Challenge Card. Other versions available: cats, unicorns, robots.

Happy Bunny

Designer: Peggy Brown
Illustrator: Gaelle Picard
Kids games
3+ / 15 min / 1 to 4 players

It’s harvest time on the carrot farm! All players must help the bunny pick the best carrots to bring home to his family plucking them from the box just like you would from the ground. Gather your harvest hoping that it will be enough to satisfy them all.