The summer releases right from the Orange tree

Kingdomino Age Of Giants

Designer: Bruno Cathala
Illustrator: Cyril Bouquet
Euro games
8+ / 25 min / 2 to 5 players

They arrive from the mountains, noisy and turbulent! Be carefull, here are the giants! They too want to take advantage of the kingdoms under construction… but it will be at your expense…

“Age of giants” is an expansion for Kingdomino and Queendomino games. To be played, one of those two games will be necessary. The expansion allows in both cases to play from 2 up to 5 players and the 17 Quest tiles added bring high playability. Finally, a score pad and the Tower Tile Dispenser will make your game easier

Released on July 20


Designer: Shuky
Illutrator: Gorobei
Family games
7+ / 45 min / 1 to 4 players

A comic in which you are the hero in multiplayer, what do you think? You have certainly heard about the comics in which you are the hero ©, launched by Makaka Éditions in 2012. The collection already has 20 titles, in very different category. Today, Makaka Éditions partners with Blue Orange to create “The game in which you are THE heroes”.

A cooperative comic in which each player has his own book, embodies one character with special powers, and progress along with the other players on islands full of adventures and brain twister.

Released on July 20


Designer: Thierry Denoual
Kids games
5+ / 5-15 min / 1 player

Boxer wants to say hello to his friends before returning to his house. Help him find them! Connect the tiles in a grid of 3×3 or 4×4, to match the color pattern on the Challenge Card. Other versions available: cats, unicorns, robots.

Released on July 27

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